Invisible Aulora Pants?! 😱 Soft Brown Color 😍😍

This is the reason you need to be at the upcoming BE Carnival
Yes ladies, we are launching the Aulora Pants in this exclusive colour just for you during the BE Carnival. So, don’t miss out because this version comes in a much better brown shade that can match with almost EVERYTHING! 
Come on! Stocks is VERY limited, only less than 10,000 pieces!! Grab this chance while you can!
这就是为什么您需要出席BE Carnival!
女士们,特殊颜色的Aulora Pants将会在来临的BE Carnival推出。褐色的款式可以再为您的服装搭配添加更多样化的姿彩!
存货有限!! 只有少过10,000件!赶紧把它纳入您的收藏之一吧!
#BEInternational #AuloraPants #AuloraPantswithKodenshi
Whatsapp or call me to grab your seat 💺 for 17 December 2018 in Singapore. Ask me for time and venue.

BE International是马来西亚发展最快的直销公司之一。 凭借一群优秀的导师和专业领导者,强大的系统以及出色的产品,他们每个月都在打破自己的销售记录! 该公司的目标是在几年内扩展国际业务。 因此,这是一个非常高的潜在市场业务,您绝对不能错过!

想加入BE International吗? 请与我联系


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