I did something brave today…

Today I was meeting my team member in Ang Mo Kio Hub, guess who I met?? They are super famous in Singapore. No one Singapore local do not know who they are.

I waited for him about 4 hours and would like to introduce him the Aulora Pants, about 8pm finally her show was ended, while he is leaving then I approached him. This is my biggest breakthrough in my life to do such move, unbelievable 😱

I spoke to him about Business but too bad he is in rush and got no time for me to talk about Aulora Pants, Shiruto, BEFIL and etc…

So that I only passed him my name card hope he willing to check this website.

(If you are reading my blog, thank you willing to spend your time to give it a try, please call me 🤙 if you are interested on the products, I am sorry that I approached you with wrong topic 😭 I was so nervous 😬 )

Please check this post if you are seeing this 🙏🙏 To spread it to more people and help them.


Due to P&C so that I filtered his face 😎

– Jimmy Soo –

BE Humble, Honest and Hardworking

Belum try, belum tahu, sekali try, hari-hari mau (he said this in one of his famous movie 🥰)

Stay positive, nothing is Impossible, if you think you can, you can!

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