Wonderful of 2 Days 1 Night’s BE Camp (Malay) @A Famosa Resort

Wonderful of 2 Days 1 Night’s BE Camp (Malay), total 350 pax of Malay market pioneers in very first BE Camp ever! We committed in year 2020 will be 3x multiply to 1500pax regardless you join us or not 🤩

Being inspired and motivated once again! First time attended Chinese BE Camp in March 2019 with my wife Woan Huey, this time brought 3 of my team members to attended 😎

As always, perfect opening and closing by founder speech Lee Suet Sen, fantastic sharing law of attraction by founder Huey Chuin Ho, and super good sharing by others RCCA leaders.

Good planning on exercise activities, it remind us how important of teamwork is, you can’t do everything alone, and mission only can be done by everyone doing the same thing, this lead us to how important is learning and follow the BE System.

Appreciated to all the MMT members for their contributions, most of them are RCCAs but still willing to sacrifice their time to organize such fantastic BE Camp!

Also learned from cut queue king RCCA

Low Thien Yien sharing his priceless experiences that how he did it, thanks to him also giving chance for me to share my experience to his team 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Why I so hardworking everytime travel all the way down to Malaysia for BE training? Because I foresee where I am for the next 2 years if I continuously doing this, and I wanna learn and grow as much as possible so that I can lead my current and future team and help them grow as well.



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