Yesterday was my last working day for 8:30-5:30

I work in Singapore since May 2007, it’s been 12 years, this is the place I found my passion on IT world, I am enjoying on it until reality woke me up that it isn’t enough, I have my family and 2 children to feed, and wish to make more time for my wife to meet her family. Time and Money always are the problem that we had, but no choice, right? Until I met BE International, then the direction of my life has changed.

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It has been a year that I joined BE International Business, I remembered the first event I joined was Aulora Pants Men launching Roadshow in Singapore Suntec Convention. That time founder said only left 100 pcs, due to “kiasu” 🤭 spirit then I immediately bought 2 pcs for myself and try to wear it, and the journey has been started.

First time attended BE International Event – Aulora Pant Men Launching in Singapore Suntec Convention


Me and my wife changes after wore Aulora Pants with Kodenshi within 1 year

One year later, unexpectedly that I am able to quit my full time 8:30-5:30 job and full force into BE International business, it amazed me 🤩🤩 Proved that I did the right decision in one year ago, of course, I was working hard on it. I sacrificed a lot of my favorite entertainment time, movie, friends gathering, holidays, and etc. Seriously working hard on BE International business and dream for full time in one day, and finally, I made it, yesterday 23 August 2019 was my last working day for 8:30-5:30 office hour job.

My ex-colleagues and friends keep asking me, are you sure about this?  My answer always is YES, DEFINITELY! And then I share my story. It doesn’t matter if they are interested or not regardless of products or opportunity, what we need to do is just pass the information to them and sharing, and then up to them to decide. This is how BE International business works, we drink coffee, we tell stories, we make money, and we go on holiday for FREE (6 days 4 nights, we been Seoul, Hokkaido, Melbourne, going Dubai and incoming Osaka).

Korea – Seoul (April 2018)


Japan – Hokkaido (Oct 2018)


Australia – Melbourne (May 2019)

melbourne 1melbourne 2.pngmelbourne 3.pngmelbourne 4.png

United Arab Emirates – Dubai 2019 (Going on Nov 2019)

Japan – Osaka 2019 (Going on April-May 2020, now is fighting period)

BE International in the market for just 2 years, and why it can be so successful? Have you heard about our 6 pillars? About Company, Leaders and One Family Culture, Products, Marketing Plan, Education System, and E-platform for business. These are the keys that made BE International and it’s IBOs (Independent Business Owner) successful. In 2 years time, we made 23 Legend Millionaires, 2 x Billion Products, 4 x Million Products, IBOs spread to 50 countries, sold more than 500,000 Aulora Pants, being awarded from Malaysia Health Wellness Brand Awards 2018 by Malaysia Government Health and Wellness and Iconic Brand Award by “Sisters” magazine, changed thousands of people life in health/wealth and much more successful stories.

There are more information and stories to share, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp or call me to say Hi, we drink a coffee and let me share the stories to you, no hard selling for sure, that is very tiring and no value haha.


by Jimmy Soo

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