Shiruto – Hair Loss 掉发


這是我Jessica本身顧客的美好見證喔~日本🇯🇵原裝進口Shiruto,確實可以 #增長毛髮!



今年4月中旬,我們發覺她的頭頂逐漸長出細碎的毛髮Baby Hair。可惜她在未了解一般染髮或將導致脫髮量增加的情況下,跑去染了頭髮。





Thanks partner for sharing

This is a wonderful testimony of my customer – Jessica.
Original Japan imported – Shiruto, can indeed grow hair!

Sister Jiang who from the Sibu (Malaysia) has suffered from severe hair loss and baldness for a long time. She used many hair products and ginger shampoo, but it did not improve. This has become her biggest problem.

Shiruto started to show up in the Malaysia market earlier this year. Seeing that many people grew their hair because of Shiruto, I recommended Shiruto to Sister Jiang, she started taking Shiruto at the end of March, 3 packets a day.

In mid-April this year, we noticed that Baby Hair grew from the top of her head. Unfortunately, she went to dye her hair without knowing that hair dyes might cause an increase in hair loss.

At the end of May, I came back from the tour of Western Australia. I went to visit Sister Jiang in early June. I was surprised that her hair was very thick and she was no longer bald! 😱

Now Sister Jiang has completely got rid of the hair loss, baldness and sparse troubles, she looks a lot younger! We are all very pleased with her~😍😍

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