Aulora Pants, Socks, BEFIL – Stroke


On the 12 of Sept, I receive a message from a lady by the name of Rin, she is a Malay who can also speak Chinese. She told me that her husband got a stroke attack and is already 2 weeks.

She decided to message me after she watched Jeremy’s testimony as she wants to try on her husband with Aulora pants as that is her last hope. So she asks me if I could help her and she really feel very very down and sad as her hubby can’t move his left side of his body at all.

What she did is only crying, she also does try to call masseuse to massage but no different.

So finally Rin contacted and told me that she wants to get her hubby the Aulora Pants and need my assistant as she need to be in JB that night. At first I thought of going to meet her in JB that night but she told me since is too late so just come on the next day morning (13th Sept 2019) on Friday.

After setting the time, I manage to meet her in the afternoon and immediately went to the room where her hubby is, then talked to Rin to understand more about her husband condition, she showed me her husband left body is “dead”, no matter how she touched and massage it, his left body got no response at all, and when I touched his left hand and left leg, it was quite cold and not much temperature, but when Rin pinch his left leg, he can felt the pain, so that I quickly go back my car and take whatever I brought and assist Rin in wearing the Aulora Pants immediately for her hubby (about 12pm), I borrowed my additional modified Aulora Socks to her husband to put on his hand as well, and gave him 2 BEFIL sample to drink, as I am in rush, and Rin needs to bring her daughter go to Private Clinic, so that I “lompang” them to the clinic and went back to Singapore.




At the same day, during Singapore BEFIL Roadshow at 7:51PM, I received good news from Rin that her husband’s left leg got feeling already, he felt his left leg like numbness, then I asked her to take a video for her record.

On 10:46pm, she sent me a video that her husband’s left butt can be lifted up by himself already, this morning he only can lift up his right buttock only. She is very very happy and drops tears again

On 1:16am, her husband’s left toe is moving while he is sleeping, so she quickly takes another video and sent it to me!

Today was very rush, but this is worth it, although one Aulora Pant doesn’t earn much for me, it meant too much for her family
My shirt was all wet, as I am not driving car crossing from Singapore to Johor Bahru, I took a grab, bus, MRT, up and down and carrying 2 heavy bags, very tiring, but when I received the good news, I felt everything is worth it

Thanks to Aulora Pants, thanks to BE International, thanks to 3 founders that brought in such wonderful products ðŸ™ðŸ™ðŸ™


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