Shiruto – Hormones and Allergic Testimonies

Thanks sis Ivy Soo for sharing this testimonial 🌹

This is one of my fren’s testimony who is currently 5 months pregnancy.

Due to pregnancy hormones changed she has skin allergic problem.she took the medicine over 1 week given by doctor her skin is getting worse.When she pay 2nd visit to doctor, dr changed her medicine again..she felt like ‘white rat’ dr keep changed her medicine in fact her skin never improved yet it is getting worst than initiate.

She felt down and hopeless 😩,thus, she contacted me to order shiruto for her.After 1st shiruto she took , it can see her skin rashes got improved.And after 3rd shiruto she took, her result is improved significantly skin rashes and white spot is gone.

I’m so happy for her because when she felt hopeless that time I can feel her pain.when I got to know her skin has improved after took the shiruto. I’m so touching that giving back hope to her.

Thank to founders and BE international for the such amazing product.🙏🏻🙏🏻




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