Amazing Aulora Pant, Socks and BEFIL Testimonies

Let’s interview Yaz Rin, she have many testimonies to share with us after 2 weeks, herself and her husband (who stroked and half body is “dead”), he have very very good progress 😱😱

Husband got stroked 2 weeks half body is dead, after wore Aulora Pants and Socks for 2 weeks, and drink BEFIL 2 sachets, his hand and leg can move already! (He got do Physiotherapy also)

Rin wore aulora socks helped her stomache issue

Their daughter drink Befil and wore aulora socks, BP dropped from 180 to 140 at the same day!

Thanks to #BEInternational and founders brought us such wonderful products 🙏🙏🙏



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