Aulora Pants – Severe Back Pain/ Slipped Disc

Thanks Kelly SP sharing her testimonial


#直到生产后第三个月腰痛又再次回来。造成我不能抱自己的小孩。坐得太久或者站得太久都会令腰椎的痛楚变得更严重。#后来做了MRI确定是椎间盘突症(slipped disc)。
又重新开始物理治疗的日子。后来通过朋友介绍认识了Aulora Pants,就决定试看看这个产品。#因为物理治疗的费用长下来真的是太贵了,同时也很花时间。

刚开始穿Aulora Pants的第一个星期就发现腰痛减少了。渐渐的也在不需要求助于物理治疗师了。同时下半身的水肿问题也减少。感谢朋友的分享让我能够省时又省钱的方式去除了两年来的疼痛。

When I was 6 months pregnant with my 3rd baby, I had severe back pain. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t walk. So I decided to go consult a chiropractor. The chiropractor diagnosed me with a slipped disc condition. I started physiotherapy treatment twice a week. The treatment would take more than 2 hours every session.

The 2nd month after my confinement, the back pain came back again. I couldn’t carry my baby for too long, sit or stand too long would make the pain worse. So I went for an MRI scan to get a details diagnosis from the Dr. After that, I went back to my physiotherapy treatment. But after a few months, I noticed physiotherapy does help to soothe the pain but 2-3 days later, the pain would come back due to bad posture and another daily routine. I decided to try out Kodenshi pants which are recommended by a friend as the cost of physiotherapy would cost too much in the long run.

I noticed that the first week I started wearing Kodenshi pants, my back pain decreased. I didn’t need to go for physiotherapy anymore. I felt really grateful to the friend who recommended Kodenshi pants to me. It helped me to get rid of the back pain problem I had been having for 2 years in a short period of time while saving me the money.


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