BE Leadership Meeting 16-17 Nov 2019

#Throwthrowback BE Leadership Meeting @ 16-17th Nov 2019

This is my second time attended Leadership Meeting, few months ago I attended with my wife Woan Huey, and this round I have 5 downlines attended with me together.

Very different feeling is that, this round have to lead the team, responsibility is higher, because no longer alone.

This is also first time that there are 4 leaders from Singapore and 1 leader from Taiwan came over to learn, make me felt that International Market is really happening in my team.

During the journey while going home, in the car I asked my sister Wendy Soo, “Can’t believe we can met such opportunity in our life”, and she said “Yalor, like that also let us involved into this business, hahaha” then she laugh 😆

Some times think too much is unnecessary, we are the family never think too much to be started, and never think that our business and network can really go to International, but it just happened.

People would said I am so lucky, but what I want to say is,

When I started to believe in BE, you are having drink with friends

When I started to learn in BE, you are in the holiday

When I sacrificed my sleep to part time in BE, you are playing mobile games or watching Oppa drama

When I sacrificed my time to attend weekly meeting and trainings, you are watching movie in cinema

When I still jam in JB and SG custom to going home, you are sleeping and having sweet dream

Luck won’t be help you to success, only hard working and never give up does, especially in BE International.

Be ready yourself before meet the chances, so that you can grab the chance when it is come, otherwise you will just miss the chances one by one when you are not ready for it.

-Jimmy Soo-



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