Successful Business Man also choosing BE and successful in BE International also

Thanks to Ty Low for sharing 🙏🙏

Congratulations to businessman team Nico Ng Hong Li & Michael Choon Teik Kok for maintaining >100k TGSV throughout year 2019!

Ty Low saids:

I wanted to say it is not easy to influence business man into BE because they have their own business… but actually it is quite easy 🙊

Because is not I sendiri geng. Is the product memang geng. Both of them witness their own family slip disc, stroke, eczema, slimming, etc. How can they not start to share the product leh

Thanks to BE education system, help me educate them now part time business and almost-full time BE 😍

In year 2020, I wish you all one thing, very simple, full time BE 😎

loveourselves #behappy #BEInternational

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