Shiruto – Baby Eczema

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The baby had bad skin problem for two weeks due to Australia is in very hot weather now and causing the baby to have serious #eczema and very itchy.

Brought him to see doctor more then twice. The doctor said that it might not be eczema but afraid it might be more serious and advised to bring the baby to Emergency Room!

At the emergency ward, the doctor run afew test and dignosed the baby is overheated inside his body. The doctor give we antibiotics, steroids and hormone creams.

Instead we gave the baby shiruto 3 sachets each morning and another 3 sachets in the evening. We dissolve Shiruto into water for baby to drink and apply it on the baby’s face. 2 days later, miracle happened, baby’s face began to get better.

Shiruto is a health supplement that everybody must have it at home or don’t leave home without it especially travelling.

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