Shiruto helps in Influenza A Recovery

Influenza A recovery! A型流感快速痊愈
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Thank you for your concern about your son’s situation, and I’m sorry to worry everyone. My son is discharged today.

On Monday afternoon, he started to have a fever and cough, and thought it was a common fever, and taking antipyretics at night should be fine. But after drinking antipyretics at night, he was ready to go to bed with cough and vomiting, and he also had difficulty breathing. He immediately took him to the hospital for examination. At that time, the general clinic was closed, so he could only go to the hospital. At the hospital, the temperature was measured at 39.6 degrees. The doctor suggested staying in the hospital for observation. Suspected to be Influenza A (flu type A), the nurse began to help him draw blood and extract his nose for examination. Then he reported it at 2 am and was diagnosed with Type-A flu. + H1N1

Immediately afterward, she was transferred to the ward for isolation and entered the ICU ward.

He had a fever of up to 40 degrees all night, shivering, coughing, and vomiting, and he felt heartache when he saw me. The nurse kept measuring the temperature, blood pressure, pulse, anti-fever medicine, antibiotics, and gas to help him reduce phlegm and reduce inflammation.

The next day was the same with repeated fever and fever, coughing and vomiting. Fortunately, he still had an appetite to drink milk and then began to give him 2 packs a day.

The fever started on the third day! The temperature dropped to around 37.5, and the doctor said he could get him out of bed and walk. He jumped alive and briskly, and a lot of spirits, I also put down my heart.

On the fourth day, the doctor-approved the discharge!

I am grateful to the doctors and nurses of Gleneagles for their careful care, and the service and environment here are excellent. I also thank the insurance manager Moon Chong for handling insurance for our son. Finally, of course, I would also like to thank #Beinternational bringing so good products #Shiruto His son was not so quick to recover and was full of energy.
Sincerely thank the company for bringing such a good product!

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