Shiruto – Whole Body Eczema 全身 湿疹

♥ Shiruto 全身性濕疹 ♥

我嘗試過很多種藥物治療預計看過很多專科, 但是還是得不到太大的進展。這個病導致我的肌膚充滿了傷疤。也因為這樣大大影響了我的日常作息也連帶了我脾氣也變得暴躁。異樣眼光和誤會也因此而產生。因為藥物的關係, 我也曾被緊急入院因為我的CK值高達33800點,平常人都是少於200點。也因此我也被中央醫院列為特別案例。

直到我媽媽介紹我服用 #SHIRUTO。一開始,我只是遵從媽媽的意願乖乖的服用。但個人沒有抱著太大的期望畢竟試過了那麼多但都沒太大的幫助。

我每天服用四包SHIRUTO,早晚兩包。一開始的第一個月沒有太大的感受或進步, 但到了第二個月有感覺到一些進展了。在第三個月,我的膚色,傷疤和癢有明顯的減少了。


謝謝, #BE INTERNATIONAL 推出了那麼好的產品👍👍

#Clear aging and diseased cells

♥ Shiruto Atopic Eczema ♥

I have Atopic Eczema problems since 18.
I’ve tried lots of ways, ointments, medicine and specialists. The improvement was short-term instead of long-term. My whole body was covered with scars and blood. The daily activity (Study, work, exercise) and temper was totally effected. Also, misunderstood and peculiar look from the others. Due to medicine, I even warded due to the side effect which caused my CK unit up to 33800 point which ordinary people only have less than 200 point in the blood and also listed as special case in general hospital Malaysia.

Until #SHIRUTO was introduced by my mother, I just try to consume according to my mother‘s wish and doesn’t have much hope on it due to lots of false hope happened previously.

I had 4 sachets (2 in Morning, 2 at night) of SHIRUTO per day. At first, I didn’t aware about the changes in the first month, but some improvements were felt in the second month. The skin colour, scar and itchiness had been decreased and the improvements were significant in the third month.

The effect can be seen in the photo.

Thank you, #BEINTERNATIONAL has introduced such a great product👍👍


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