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Zencoso Ball is our new launching product as explained in the video above.

Let me slightly explain in words what is Zencoso Ball here.

BE International do have Zencoso product before, but why upgraded to Zencoso Ball today?

Because our Founders always looks for the best product to help more people, and he found the new version of Zencoso has higher quality than Zencoso, so we named it as Zencoso Ball.

Why Zencoso Ball?

Zen for a Healthy Metabolism

As we can see from the cover above, Zencoso Ball means for Healthy Metabolism.

When we talk about #Metabolism, then this topic automatically will link to #Enzyme.

Metabolism refers to any chemical process occurring within or between cells. There are two types of metabolism: Anabolism, where smaller molecules are synthesized to make larger ones; and catabolism, where larger molecules are broken down into smaller ones. Most chemical reactions within cells require a catalyst to get started. Enzymes, which are large protein molecules found in the body, provide the perfect catalyst because they can change the chemicals within the cells without changing themselves.

Metabolism is an umbrella term referring to any cellular process that involves a chemical reaction. Glycolysis is an example of a catabolic cellular process; in this process, glucose is broken down into pyruvate. When oxygen and hydrogen combine to form water at the end of the electron transport chain, that is an example of an anabolic process, where smaller molecules combine to make a larger molecule.

Sources: https://sciencing.com/role-enzymes-metabolism-6390077.html

What is Enzyme?

Are enzymes really that amazing? Why are enzymes so important? What exactly are enzymes? Why of the human body reduce weight, detoxify, digest wait for other effects, actually the code that it contains is inside the body? It’s also about longevity.

Enzymes, also known as enzymes, are made up of proteins, which are necessary to maintain the normal functions of the body, digest food, and repair tissues. They serve as catalytic functions and roles in the human body. If the body lacks enzymes, all activities in the body will be stopped. The body itself has pancreatic and liver cells to make enzymes, but it also gets them from food, which is abundant in raw vegetables, fruits, and vegetables.

Latent Enzymes” in the body and “Food Enzymes” on the outside

According to the source, Enzymes are divided into potential enzymes and edible enzymes. Enzymes present in the body are potential enzymes, while enzymes present in food and available for external ingestion are food enzymes. Latent enzymes are the archetypes of enzymes, including Digestive Enzymes and Metabolic Enzymes. Digestive Enzymes are mainly responsible for digestion; Metabolic Enzymes are used to make the body, move the body, treat disease, and prevent aging. Edible enzymes are found in fresh food. Most of the food we eat is processed – enzymes are killed! We consume fresh food or use enzyme supplements to save digestive enzymes in our bodies.

Enzymes can be divided into metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes according to the way they exist.

1. The first is our body’s Metabolic Enzymes, which are also enzymes that work in the blood, tissues, and organs.

2. The second is the Digestive Enzymes in the body.

3. The third group is the natural Food Enzymes of fresh food.

Metabolic enzymes are substances the body needs to digest the nutrients that enzymes break down. Metabolic enzymes are needed to run our body’s metabolism and energy metabolism, as well as to expel waste products from the body. It’s mainly in the blood,

“Digestive enzymes” can help us detoxify and defecate, as well as ease allergy problems. Now many students and office workers, constipation is a very common problem, metabolic enzymes can help promote defecation, as long as a large intake of fresh fruit and other raw food, you can increase the number of metabolic enzymes.

“Food ferment” it is us after having a meal, secrete by viscera, the nutrient decomposition that will food, change into the small molecule that lets the body absorb easily.

Based on studies, when we getting older, our metabolism tends to slow down due to enzyme depletion. Our body is like a light bulb, and then enzymes are like an electric current. If without electric current, then the light bulb will not illuminate. So, without the enzyme, we are like light bulbs that cannot be illuminated.

Our body’s enzymes will be depletion when we are having an unhealthy living habit, such as eating unhealthy foods like fast food, cooked food, or smoking, living in a busy environment, stressed, fatigued, pregnancy disease and etc.

When the enzymes in our bodies are inactive, which means our metabolism will slow down, and our body fat will slowly accumulate and become fatter and fatter. No matter how many hours we sleep, it is easy for us to feel tired and have no energy. Our digestive system slows down and is unable to release or clear toxins effectively, which may lead to any disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Therefore, in order to avoid illness, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. For example, foods containing high antioxidants such as raw food, fresh fruits and vegetable.

As we always heard, raw food is good for health, but what does raw food actually help? Let us compare raw food and cooked food.

How does the enzyme aid digestion?

All fresh foods contain appropriate kinds of enzymes to help break down, after the fresh food was chewing broken cell membrane release inherent enzyme, most not damaged and to stay and help digestion, cooking or most refined after food enzymes were destroyed, the whole digestion burden to the body, and produce some digestive problems, such as improper digestion and absorption, so that the immune system is impaired, allergic reactions, poor wound healing, skin problems, temperament, the; Enzyme supplementation can improve digestion kinetic energy and expand absorption level.

Supplement microbial enzyme, plant enzyme in the upper half of the stomach under the PH value of the work, food stays in the upper part of the stomach for about 1 hour after gastric acid is secreted, play a neutralizing role, sialferin after eating 30-60 minutes in the upper part of the stomach about 30% protein, 60% starch, 10% fat, but only in the PH value above 5.0 to play an effect.

Microbial enzymes and some plant enzymes can accelerate the hydrolysis of most proteins, carbohydrates and fats at ph 3-9.0 until they are neutralized by gastric acid. It can be seen that these enzymes play a significant role in the utilization of improved food nutrition.

What happens when food is not properly digested?

Raw foods do not produce white blood cell changes, and white blood cells are rapidly raised in cooked foods, especially meat. When a partially digested food is absorbed, the body produces an immune complex that treats it as a foreign antigen, and the immune system moves macrophages to digest it.

Why do cooked or refined food enzymes disappear?

Modern food manufacturing techniques and all cooking methods destroy 100% of the enzymes, no matter how long they are exposed to temperatures above 118 ° f (48 ° c).

How does an enzyme from a biochemical point of view aid digestion?

An enzyme is a catalyst that stimulates or speeds up a chemical reaction.

When food is eaten, saliva starch is released into the mouth to help break carbohydrate cell membranes, and as the food continues to be swallowed, other enzymes are released. The food is eventually broken down completely in the small intestine by enzymes released from the pancreas. Raw foods contain their own enzymes to help with this process, but cooked or refined foods have lost their enzyme activity, leaving the burden of digestion to their own enzymes (mostly pancreatic enzymes).

Often these indigestible foods, which contain important nutrients, then enter the large intestine and cause intestinal discomfort.

Enzyme supplements replace the lost enzymes in food to make the digestive process more complete and release more nutrients, while reducing the burden on the pancreas.

OK, now we know that raw food is important, but how do we consume? How do we know which raw food we should take? How many? Where to buy? How much is the cost?

Now we going to introduce the new product named ZENCOSO BALL

Zencoso Ball combines the essence of 98 plants, integrates the energy of 8 phenomena and 4 seasons to create such a Natural Fermented Plant Essence.

Zencoso Ball have 5 uniqueness of Natural Fermented Plant Essence.
1. 98 types of Specially Selected Plants (Fruits and Vegetables)
2. 8 years of Natural Fermentation
3. Micro Sized Molecules
4. Japanese Unique Traditional Technology
5. Clinically Proven

98 types of Specially Selected Plants (Fruits and Vegetables)

The first uniqueness of Zencoso Ball is the 98 types of specially selected plants which are fruits and vegetables from 2 different countries from both ends of the Earth which are Brazil and Japan.


Brazil is located on the equator which is tropical RainForest. It is hot and humid climate. The temperature is around 19 to 30 degree Celsius. Then the water supply content high antioxidant spring water that has undergone more than 2000 waters of rock filtration.

So, imagine the plants that grow under the above condition, that is very fresh and full of natural mineral and vitamins.


Japan is located on t he Pacific Ring of Fire where the soil is rich in minerals and nutrients, and there are 4 seasons climate, temperature is from -2 to 26 degree Celcius. Then Water Supply is very rich in minerals as well.

So that the fruits and vegetables that grow on Japan’s land with 4 different seasons are also very fresh and full of natural mineral and vitamins.

So, after the special selection, these are the 98 types of plants, then combine them together and work synergistically to produce a highly effective natural fermented plant essence.

98 types of plants are 38 types of fruits, 17 types of Vegetables, 20 types of Gains, 11 types of Botanical Plants, and 12 types of other ingredients.

After 8 years of natural fermentation in Brazil, then the Brazil’s fermented plants will send to Japan for combines together.
For Japan part, the Japanese used a natural fermentation technique invented in 1979 to ferment the fresh fruits and vegetables for eight years before combining the fruits and vegetables from the two countries to produce the Zencoso Ball with today’s advanced technology.

Who should take Zencoso Ball?

To be honest, everyone should take, children, adults, seniors and pregnant women.


Do children also need enzymes? Yes, children also need enzymes. Children’s body tissue development is not mature, the ability to synthesize enzymes is insufficient. Moreover, because children are in a period of rapid development and growth, the demand for enzymes is great, especially for children who do not get enough long-term breastfeeding, more “congenital” lack of enzymes. Therefore, many developed countries will supplement enzymes for children in a planned way, which is extremely important and necessary for their growth and development.

Who else should take?

  1. Anorexic kids, people who before or after surgery.
  2. People with weak immunity are prone to colds or infections.
  3. Three high patients have a clear sub-health constitution of the people.
  4. Chronic disease will continue to consume large amounts of enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients.
  5. A person with dull, dark, or aged skin.
  6. The stomach is not good, especially regular constipation.
  7. Loss of appetite, malnutrition.
  8. The mental and physical load is heavy, especially the people who often stay up late and have abnormal life schedule.
  9. A perennial vegetarian, a chronic alcoholic.
  10. Want to improve health, improve health; Pay attention to beauty, and maintain a figure.

After reading so much information about Zencoso Ball, anybody took it before? What is their feedback?

Sure, although it is new product but we already have early bird testers who consume Zencoso Ball have very good feedback.

High glycemic index, indigestion
Consume Zencoso Ball after 2 months, it dropped from 21.3 to 8.6
High glycemic index, chronic fatigue, and weakness, dark spots on the skin
Normal – 19.3
After meal – 27.4
Consumed Zencoso Ball after 3 days – 16.7
after 1 and a half month – 9.6
Two years of gastric distension, occasional nausea, and acid reflux problems
After consumed 2 weeks of Zencoso Ball, gastric distension reduced from 5 times a week to once a week
After consumed 1 month, gasric distension, occasional nausea, and acid reflux problems never happen again
Low blood sugar, swollen feet, weight, mood swings (hormones)
Testimonies from a pregnant women

Alright, until here the sharing is end, if you have any question or interested to get it for try, you are more than welcome to contact us via Call or Whatsapp.

Jimmy Soo : +6597232185
Jacelyn Lim: +6584326886

We both are Malaysian but staying in Singapore, we are supporting for more than 4 countries other than Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong, our businesses also crossed to Taiwan, Australia, Thailand and Europe.

If you want to know more about us, you may read thru Our Story.

See you and have a good health always.

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