Aulora Pants 香港見證 – Ginny

Thanks Maggie and Ginny for sharing~

Aulora Pants 香港見證 – Ginny
– 原本瘦低的她,生孩子一年後,收不下來,體重上到70多KG,完全接受不到
– 有試過做運動 也有瘦下來一點,不過換工作環境之後 又肥回去了
– 直到2020一月份看到FB的Aulora Pants瘦身見證,決定試試看 就投資了2件
– 她每天穿24小時,穿了一個星期後腰圍消了,上廁所(排便)次數多了
– 她說買了就要聽建議 每天努力的穿,至少如果沒效果的話也對得起自己
– 之後也買了Aulora Top,她喜歡一起傳來做運動
– 重點是 她沒有節食挨餓

Aulora Pants HK Testimonies – Ginny
– She was slim type, but she couldn’t slim back after gave birth 1 year
her weight went up to 70+kg, totally unacceptable
– Until Jan 2020, she saw a FB post about Aulora Pants testimonies on slimming
she decided to give it a try and invested 2 pcs Aulora Pants
– She wore it 24 hours every day, after 1 week her waist got smaller
and the number of going toilet (“big business”) is increased
– She said since bought already then must listen the advice to wear it every day
even if got no effect for her, at least she did her best to try the product
– If wear it to exercise is even better, effect is faster and better
– After that she also bought Aulora Top, she love wearing it to do exercise
– Point is, she never diet and hungry herself

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