Why should I choose BEFIL?

The formulation of BEFIL is designed and made with the consultation with a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Ferid Murad. He received the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1998) on the research on nitric oxide. Thus, this recognition acknowledged him as an expert in this health and medicine domain. With his consultation in the development of BEFIL, it makes BEFIL stands out from the crowd!

How does BEFIL benefits my health? Why do I need to take BEFIL daily?

BEFIL is a spectacular and remarkable daily supplement beverage that contains widely studies ingredients which could support and provide better health throughout many bodily functions. The center of the product is the nitric oxide (NO) production boosted by the ingredients contained in BEFIL. As the amount of NO has increased, many-body functionalities could be enhanced as well, including maintaining healthy blood pressure, cardiovascular system, promoting the growth and maintenance of cells and tissues, improving blood flow and sexual capability, etc.

Who may be benefited from BEFIL?

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts – L-Arginine supplements are a favorite in the athletic community because of the nitric oxide it creates in the body. Nitric oxide has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue, improve endurance levels, increase energy, speed up recovery rates, and increased use of glucose (which means burning body fat). On top of all of these naturally enhancing health benefits, L-Arginine has been shown to trigger the production of proteins in the body. It also has been shown to increase lean muscle mass. Thus, arginine enhances the fat burning effect, build muscle, and improve performance.

Sufferers of heart and blood vessel conditions – Congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, coronary artery disease, and leg pain due to blocked arteries are all examples of conditions that can be aided through L-Arginine supplementation. The nitric oxide that L-Arginine helps to create in the body could improve blood circulation and dilate blood vessels.

Aging individuals – Endothelial cells are the linings of our arteries and our blood vessels, and these cells need arginine in order to create enough nitric oxide to maintain healthy blood circulation. Research suggests that our ability to produce nitric oxide decreases as we age and taking arginine supplements can possibly counteract that.

Migraine sufferers – Migraines are a neurovascular disorder, and L-Arginine improves vascular health. This means that migraines are partially caused by constricting blood vessels, and L-Arginine helps dilate blood vessels. This means that for some migraine sufferers, L-Arginine could be beneficial in reducing symptoms.

Vegans and vegetarians – Sometimes it is hard with a vegan diet to ensure that you are eating enough dietary protein. An L-Arginine supplement can help ensure that your body is getting enough amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.

How do I consume BEFIL?

Dissolve 1 sachet of BEFIL into 150ml of water and stir well before drink. Please notice that it is required to be taken on an empty stomach for the best effect, at least 30 minutes before meals or 2 to 4 hours after meals. You may only consume 1 to 2 sachets per day.

It is suggested to consume on an empty stomach because we usually will consume our medicine before and/or after the meal. Thus, the time gap is to prevent the conflict about the medical benefits or effects between BEFIL and your medicines. For more inquiries related to the balance between the intake of BEFIL and your medicines, we would suggest you consult with the doctor.

Are pregnant women and children suitable to consume BEFIL?

We do not recommend any of the pregnant women and children to take BEFIL. This is because the L-Arginine could enhance the growth hormone response and promote the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) excretion in our body. In relation to that, it might affect the growth of the children or the unborn child.

How do I keep it?

You may store it in a cool and dry place and ensure that it is away from heat and direct sunlight.

Where is BEFIL manufactured? Is it a local product?

BEFIL is fully imported from the United States.

How many sachets are packed in one BEFIL?

Each box of BEFIL contains 15 sachets and each sachet is in 20g.