Why do I need to take MAQNIFIQ?
Collagen depletion and hormonal aging happen as our age increases. Thus, it helps to boost and preserve the youthfulness of our skin for firmer, smoother, radiant and glowing skin!

How do I consume MAQNIFIQ?
Our recommended consumption method is to dissolve 1 sachet into 100ml water and stir well before drinking. For the adults in 25 to 35 years old, we recommend consuming MAQNIFIQ twice per day, 1 sachet in the morning and the second sachet at night. If you are 36 years old and above, or always exposed to sunlight, you are recommended to consume 4 sachets per day (2 sachets at morning, 2 sachets at night).

Do I consume MAQNIFIQ before or after a meal?
It does not have a significant difference whether a person takes it before or after the meal. However, we suggest that avoid taking a heavy meal before consuming MAQNIFIQ to have its best effect.

I’m a vegetarian, can I consume MAQNIFIQ?
MAQNIFIQ contains fish collagen. Hence, we do not recommend any vegetarian to consume MAQNIFIQ.

Where is MAQNIFIQ manufactured? Is it imported from other countries?
MAQNIFIQ is manufactured in Malaysia. However, its active ingredients are imported from Spain and France.

Yes, MAQNIFIQ is Halal.

How many sachets are packed in 1 box of MAQNIFIQ?
Each box of MAQNIFIQ contains 30 individual sachets, each sachet is in 8g.