FAQ – SlendezMeal


Who are suitable to consume SlendezMeal?
Generally, everyone gets to enjoy the health benefits of SlendezMeal. However, if you wanted to be precise, there are actually a few targeted groups. The main targeted individuals are those who always busy and do not have enough time to consume their meals. SlendezMeal is a meal replacement which is suitable for the busy go-getter, such as office workers. SlendezMeal can be prepared and ready to serve within a few minutes. This makes the perfect solution for them.

Second, it is meant for those who want to maintain healthy body weight. lastly, athletes can enjoy SlendezMeal to enhance their energy level and endurance too!

How do I consume SlendezMeal?
Our recommended method is to mix one sachet of SlendezMeal with 250ml of warm water and shake it well with a shaker jar before consuming it. You may add your favorite fresh fruits or vegetables to the blend to suit your personal taste.

Can SlendezMeal be used as the protein supplement?
Although SlendezMeal contains a decent amount of protein in it, it does not have the same content as those protein supplements. If you are a gym enthusiast and you want to consume SlendezMeal and build more muscle at the same time, you may add in your personal protein powder to increase the amount of protein intake. This is because SlendezMeal is a balanced meal replacement that every ingredient is perfectly calculated and distributed.

Are children and pregnant women allowed to consume SlendezMeal?
Yes, as mentioned that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of balanced nutrients from SlendezMeal. However, please notice that children and pregnant women require more nutrients than other individuals to secure their steady growth and development. Thus, it is advised that these two groups of individuals consume proper, fresh and well-balanced meals.

I’m lactose intolerance, can I consume SlendezMeal?
Yes, you are safe to consume SlendezMeal as it does not contain any lactose component.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, can I consume SlendezMeal?
Yes, SlendezMeal does not contain any meat product.

How many sachets are packed in one box of SlendezMeal?
Each box of SlendezMeal contains 15 sachets and each sachet is in 40g.