Why do I need to consume ZENCOSO?

Our body requires enzymes to break down and convert the food we take into energy and nutrients. Plus, enzymes support all of the biochemical reactions in our body. However, as we are getting older, our body will produce lesser enzymes and we can’t prevent enzyme depletion. When they are used without being replaced, the enzyme energy within our body will decrease. This will cause lower metabolism, toxin accumulation, and negative health effects.

What makes ZENCOSO so special?

ZENCOSO has compiled the essences of over 70 types of fruits and vegetables through a 5 years fermentation process, integrated the energy of 5 phenomena and 4 seasons, presenting the best symphony for your body!

Who can consume ZENCOSO?

Generally, it helps to improve your metabolism and digestion system. Besides, ZENCOSO promotes the nutrient absorption for the children to have a better growth development. For adults, it helps to maintain blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood lipids at a healthy level. Then, it can preserve and strengthen the bodily functions for the seniors. Plus, ZENCOSO helps to strengthen the pregnant women’s body. Lastly, ZENCOSO can enhance the production of the enzymes for those vegetable-haters and fussy eaters.

When is the best time to consume ZENCOSO?

The recommended time to consume ZENCOSO is before or with meals. It is best to take it before meals so the enzymes can get into the small intestine where the majority of digestion occurs. However, do not worry if you have forgotten to take it before the meal, you may take it after as well.

How do I Consume ZENCOSO?

We recommend you to use the small scoop provided together with the product and take 1 scoop of ZENCOSO for each serving. Each scoop is approximately containing 2g of ZENCOSO. You may consume it with or without water. 
The recommended intake will be 1 to 2 times per day. For children, 1 time per day.

What is the proper storage method for ZENCOSO?

You are recommended to store it in a cool and dry place, make sure that it is away from heat and direct sunlight.

Do I need to keep it in the refrigerator after I opened the ZENCOSO?

As long as your ZENCOSO is away from heat and/or direct sunlight, it does not require to be stored in a refrigerator. A normal room temperature would be just fine.

Can I use other spoons/scoops instead of the scoop provided?

We recommend you to use the scoop provided with the product for better measurement. However, you may use other tools to scoop it as well but we advise to use a non-metal spoon/scoop as many believe that metal will upset the enzymes.

Can I consume more than one scoop of ZENCOSO?

We recommend the users to take 1 to 2 scoops per day. However, if you wish to consume more than the suggested portion, you are free to do so.