I-Vixion: Love Your Eyes

I-Vixion: Love Your EyesI-Vixion Launches: A Supplement for Better Eye Health

Love Your Eyes

Good news for those who suffer from dry eyes or other eye-related issues! I-Vixion is set to launch, and it promises to be a game-changer in the world of eye supplements.

What is I-Vixion?

I-Vixion is a supplement designed to promote healthy eyes. It contains three main ingredients: Marigold extract, black currant extract, and maqui berry extract. These ingredients work together to improve tear production, blood flow around the eyes, and overall vision.


Marigold Extract Benefits

Marigold Extract Benefits

Marigold extract is a powerful antioxidant that helps shield against blue light. Blue light is emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones and computers, and it can cause eye strain, fatigue, and even damage to the retina. Marigold extract helps protect the eyes from these harmful effects.

Maqui Berry Extract Benefits

Maqui berry extract is known for its ability to improve tear production. Tears are essential for keeping the eyes moist and lubricated, and when tear production is low, it can lead to dry eyes, redness, and irritation. Maqui berry extract helps increase tear production, which in turn helps alleviate these symptoms.

Black Currant Extract Benefits

Black currant extract is another powerful antioxidant that improves overall blood flow around the eyes. This improved blood flow helps reduce ocular pressure, which can lead to glaucoma. Black currant extract also helps improve the field of vision, making it easier to see objects clearly.

Who Needs Healthy Eyes?

Everyone needs healthy eyes, but certain age groups may be more prone to eye-related issues than others. Here are a few reasons why different age groups should focus on eye health:

Kids and Teenagers

Kids and teenagers spend a lot of time in front of screens, whether it’s for schoolwork or entertainment. This can cause eye strain, fatigue, and other eye-related issues. It’s important for parents to encourage their kids to take breaks from screen time and to promote healthy eye habits.


Adults are often busy with work and other responsibilities, which can lead to neglecting their eye health. Regular eye exams and proper eye care can help prevent eye-related issues from developing or worsening. It’s also important for adults to practice good eye hygiene, such as washing their hands before touching their eyes and avoiding rubbing their eyes.


As we age, our eyesight naturally declines. This can lead to age-related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. It’s important for the elderly to have regular eye exams to catch these issues early and to take steps to prevent them from developing or worsening.

In conclusion, I-Vixion is a supplement that promotes healthy eyes and helps alleviate eye-related issues such as dry eyes. With its three main ingredients, Marigold extract, black currant extract, and maqui berry extract, it’s a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their eye health. I-Vixion is fully imported from Japan, halal certified, and suitable for vegetarians, making it a safe and accessible option for anyone. Remember to love your eyes and take steps to keep them healthy!

Testimonies Sharing by Customers

今天早上吃了两包IVXION, 午餐之前再拍张照片做对比,
Thank for partner sharing
昨晚我妈妈双眼又红又痒。 服用
I-Vxion 30 分钟后,可以看到红肿减少了。 今天早上一切都清除了。 超级强大的 I-Vxion。
Last night my mum both eyes red and itchy. After took I-Vxion 30min can see redness reduced. This morning all cleared. Super powerful I-Vxion.
吃了2天后的 I-VXION 眼睛里的红血丝明显的减少了 ! 😱😱😱而且眼白也没有这么 Loh ! Loh ! 了 ! 眼白清晰多了! 😍😍😍 感恩BE 公司带进这么棒的护眼产品🥰🥰🥰 -Steven Wong
这就是我本人Alex Gan的见证,
我很少会眼睛发红的,7/3早上我去BE HQ的时候有人告诉我为什么眼睛发红的,那是我就打开相机自拍我才发现我的眼睛真的很多红血丝(左图)。刚好当天BE International 推出新的保护眼睛的产品,我立马晚上打开吃两包,隔天早上吃两包,下午发现红眼丝竟然少了很多(右图)😱😱
感恩遇到I-VXION 🤩🤩
Thanks for sharing 🙏
This is the testimony of my own Alex Gan,
I’m really surprised 😱😱😱
I rarely have red eyes. When I went to BE HQ in the morning of July 3, someone told me why my eyes were red. Then I turned on the camera to take a selfie and I found that my eyes were really red (left picture)
It just so happened that BE International launched a new eye protection product that day. I immediately opened it and ate two sachet at night, and two sachet next morning then In the afternoon, I found out my red eyes were much more lesser (pictured on the right) 😱😱
Singapore I-VXION Day 2 testimonial on eye blood vessel burst。 she Started to eat I-VXION yesterday。
朋友眼睛突然突然暴血管。吃了1天 I-VXION 后, 血丝明显的减少,眼白的部分也没那么黄了白了很多。
感谢来自新加坡 宝凤家婆丽珠姐的分享
只是服用三包 I-VXion 😳😳😳
眼睛是靈魂之窗 #IVXion #BElixz
More Then #16000Boxes Of I-Vxion
Sold In 3 Days.
This Is In Our Pre Launch Stage👍👍

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