Shiruto – Babies Testimonies


“我的宝宝的 #皮肤敏感 越来越严重了… 我和先生都不希望给她使用过多的类固醇或抗生素,我们的医生也不建议.. 我有给宝宝吃益菌,可是还是没什么改善,你有什么保健品可以介绍吗?” 父母亲爱孩子,可以感受他们的着急…

上网滑一滑 Shiruto 宝宝,意外发现好多宝宝见证 😱😱😱







希望 #Shiruto 可以帮助宝宝们个更快痊愈或至少减轻痛苦…

因为 Shiruto 里面有 IPPA-1 激活 #巨噬细胞 的活性是 beta 葡聚糖和乳酸菌的1000倍 😱😱😱

当然妈妈们也要注意饮食、生活作息、环境等等…❤️ 只要可以帮助宝宝就算只是减轻痛苦的也应该努力了..

希望帮得到.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

A friend was asking me:

“My baby #skinSensitive becomes even more serious, but we do not want to over use steroids or antibiotic, doctor not advise as well, we feed baby with probiotic, but it seems no improvement, can let me know any supplement can help baby? ” mummy daddy always love children.. can feel they are anxious..

Search Shiruto baby online accidentally found so many testimonials of babies in FB 😱😱😱

(Previously Most of those I meet are all Big Babies 😅)

Then only I realised a lot of babies suffering from skin problem.. pity them..

They must be uncomfortable.. 😥

itchy maybe.. 😥

dry.. 😥

pain.. 😥

Wish that Shiruto can helps them recovering soon or at least reduce their problem🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

As #Shiruto has #IPPA1

IPPA-1 activate the activity of #macrophages which is 1000times more than Beta Glucan & lactic acid bacteria

Mummies, beware of food intake, lifestyle and the environment as well.. ❤️ Try anyways to help babies reduce their problem at least..


Hope it helps…