Our Story

Who am I?

My name is Jimmy Soo, Malaysian and Singapore PR who has worked in IT Industry for 12 years (as of 2019) in Singapore. I got my Bachelor’s First Class Degree major on Computer Security, therefore, I worked for Sulzer (Switzerland Company) as part of the Global Information Security team in the past, as I resigned and full time on BE International business in August 2019, my story below will share with you why.

This was me T.T

How I met Aulora Pants?

I knew Aulora Pants from my 2nd sister (Wendy Soo), she was the first one being approached for the Aulora Pants, she is someone love in eating and never exercise, so that she was very fat and aunty look. After she wore Aulora Pants for 2 months since November 2017, she got obvious results, so she starts sharing with our family members, of course, I am one of them.

All of us were doubt about it, and the price was surprising us, and ya, we rejected her haha. And since we are a family member, and she is believing in Aulora Pants, and she insisted asked me to try and give me 1 pc Aulora Pants Women 2XL to try out. I can felt she really hopes it could help me too, as I am quite fat during that time (January 2018), 168cm height with 70kg, then I took her offer to try.

Starting wore for 2 weeks, I felt my energy is improved, it helped my sleeping quality, I realized this was in one time, drove back from Johor Bahru to Port Dickson (3 hours nonstop) usually I will be exhausted, but after wore Aulora Pants, it never! So I start believing it, but I haven’t slimmed down, because during that time I only have 1 pc Aulora Pants Women 2XL, so I asked my sister is there any Aulora Pants for Male? and she said yes, it will be launching around July 2018, I said OK then I will wait for it.

Aulora Pants Men Launching

The first launching is in Malaysia, as I was working in Singapore so that I couldn’t attend the Malaysia Launching, but it was in KL, so I missed it. I can see people are crazy about it, it just like Apple’s new iPhone opening, thousand of people are queueing to buy.

Finally, it was Singapore turn for the launching at 17 July 2018, and I heard BE International’s founder, IR Lee Suet Sen said that, Aulora Pants Men only left 100 pieces, and whoever missed this chance then need to wait up to 2-3 months to receives the order, and I quickly looked around there are almost 300 people who attended the launching event, so I walked out immediately started to queue, and I was the No.1 who queued.

Although I still got some doubt on the Aulora Pants, but due to the limitation of stocks, I still decided to bought 2 pieces first (kiasu), and I get ready to be scolded by my wife later back home T.T.

My Experiences with Aulora Pants

My size was L (as of 17 July 2018), and the first night I wore Aulora Pants, I felt it was quite tight for me because this is the very first time for me to wear close-fitting pants, but it was quite nice to wear, doesn’t feel hot. Remember, before you wear Aulora Pants, you must take shower first, after dry out 5 minutes then immediately wear the Aulora Pants, it is the best timing to wear it, so you will the comfortable.

So I wore it to sleep, the next day morning woke up, I bangsai for 3 times on and off and caused me went office late. In the office, I still bangsai for another 4 times! Amazing! Aulora Pants really works! So that I do more researches on google about Far-Infrared, and then it explained why. Far-Infrared helps with blood circulation, metabolism and so on.

“远红外线可以改善血液循环 – 因为远红外线能够深入人体的皮下组织,所以利用远红外线反应,使皮下深层皮肤温度上升,扩张微血管,促进血液循环,复活酵素,强化血液及细胞组织代谢,对细胞恢复年轻有很大的帮助并能改善贫血。调节血压:高血压及动脉硬化一般是神经系统、内分泌系统,肾脏等细小动脉收缩及狭窄所造成。远红外线扩张微血管,促进血液循环能使高血压降低,又能改善低血压症状。” from baidu.com

” 远红外线疗法对人体的基本功能,如免疫功能、新陈代谢、神经系统平衡、组织再生等能力有强化补足之明显效果。另外,与功能失调有关的疾病、慢性病等,皆能借由远红外线疗法加以改善,甚至治愈。” from zaobao.com.sg

My Result with Aulora Pants

I was never diet and exercise, and just wearing Aulora Pants for 24 hours only, after a month later…

This is captured on 28 August 2018, my weight was 67.8KG at this time, I was lost 3KG within a month!

Far infrared helps in improves my blood circulation, sleep quality is better, I was more energetic, and my dark circles are lesser.

As of 26 September 2018, my weight was dropped to 66.1KG ^^ naturally

This photo showing the same shirt I wore but totally different look
More confident to take more photo, photo on the right was taken when I was being invited for Elite Black Tie Dinner Night during BE International Convention 2019

Aulora Pants Business

In that time, my mind told me this could be a great business opportunity as well, since it works on me, might as well I just shared the experiences that I have to the people to start the business. This is how I started BE International Business by part-time using my free time, with no stress.

My wife Jacelyn result

And my wife, of course initially she also doubted on the Aulora Pants, which is why she wore the 2XL that I have at the beginning to “TRY first”, and she just wore it when she feels like wearing, and some times not wear.

Day by day, she keeps seeing me slimmer but she didn’t, then she asked me why, I told her that, Firstly, you only have 1 pc Aulora Pants, Secondly, you didn’t wear it for 24 hours every day, and her excuses were what the most women’s excuses today, “I don’t have clothes to match it, it looks weird if wear to office like that“, familiar right? Then I told her, easy what, you just go shopping and look for the clothes that can match with Aulora Pants will do right? And those clothes are cheap only.

She agreed what I said, then she decided to give it a shot, buy 2 pcs Aulora Pants for herself and wear it for 24 hours every day. Guess what? This is what happened after 2 months she wore the Aulora Pants.

Amazing right? She is so happy and starts sharing Aulora Pants with her friends and colleagues confidently. And of course, she joined me in BE International Business until now.

Jacelyn Lim (my wife) Sharing

私底下有和朋友们分享了 很多都说左图的不是我 我哪里有那么胖 😂😂 是真的(你们自己看😅)生完孩子后藏着的肚腩肥肉只有自己知道而已😭😭

一开始我也半信半疑 一条裤子怎么可能帮助瘦身 当看到了老公成功瘦下来后 我才开始相信也更积极的穿😀


前提是 #没有节食 #没有运动 下轻轻松松健康的瘦了🤩🤩 感谢BE公司三位Founders还有姐姐上线们带给我们这么棒的产品 🥰🥰

The above story is how we transformed our life back to younger and gain back our confidence, really big thanks to BE International to come out with such an amazing product. Now is our turn to share and help more people to gain back their health and beauty ^^

BE International Business

OK, its been a while not updating my story, let’s continue now (05 April 2020)

I started BE Business since July 2018, during that time I was just “play play” try to do this business, because it seems so simple, by just sharing the product testimonies to the social media and leave your contact on the post, if anyone saw it and interested then they can contact or WhatsApp you.

You won’t believe I never spent any so call “started package” to join BE International. Yes, I mean 0 cost to start BE International Business, and you can do international business with 1 account. You don’t need to signup accounts for different countries, you will just need 1 account.

Join as a member is just need S$20/RM60/HKD100/B$20 ONLY!! Then you can enjoy our member benefits.

These are member benefits of BE International
Member benefits come with Birthday Treat promotion for the month of Birthday Baby as well, example if May is your birthday month, then you can purchase either one of this special offer in May.

Just by sharing to my friends and post to social media about Aulora Pants, then I achieved Ambassador in the same month. Then I started to have my confidence and went to learn more about the business on the Facebook closed group, so that I have more knowledge and able to answer if customers ask me questions.

Then I continued to do the BE business alone (that time my wife haven’t join me yet), because I was too focus on this business and sometimes not purposely ignored her and kid, then we quarrel for many times. As she does not understand what actually I am doing and she can’t see the future of BE business yet.

My business wasn’t growing so much until I attended the BOS (Business Owner Seminar) in Oct 2018, then I started to understand actually BE International business can go very far, and this could be the 1/100000 opportunity that can allow me to achieve my dreams, and it could change mine and my family life.

I first time take the award on stage

So, in the same night, I breakthrough myself to do my first Facebook Live on 6th October 2018.

Hahaha, now watch it back and I am like LOL!! I was so nervous though

Then, next day which is Sunday, I come back from Malaysia to Singapore, in the night I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited and talked to my wife our life will be changed.

We sat down properly and talked, then this talked become the moment that changed our life, as I cried in front of her that the reason why I want to fight in BE business, which is I don’t wish to see her crying again whenever come back from her home town (Alor Setar) after the long holiday break, like Chinese New Year. I want to give her time freedom, then she can fly back to her hometown from Singapore whenever she wanted. And I don’t want our life being controlled by money.

So, from that moment, our mindset are synced, both agreed that we should give BE business a serious try, then she started to join me and we work together since then. This is when she started open her mindest to buy 2 pcs Aulora Pants and wear it 24/7 every day, and she see her results in 2 months as posted on above.

Since then, our BE business started grown, month by month, until January we completed 2 FREE tickets to Melbourne, 6 days 4 nights, included Flights tickets, Hotel, Meal, and Tour tickets, what we need to bring was only our Luggage, and some cash just for shopping or emergency.

Melbourne trip was our (me and my wife) first oversea trip (excepted Thailand and Singapore LOL). In the past, due to various reason, I have owe my wife (Jacelyn Lim) an oversea holiday trip for a long long time, it wasn’t happen until we met BE International Business Opportunity, very thankful to the BE International and its Founders.

From the left, Danny Phoon (3rd’s Brother in law), Ivy Soo (3rd Sister),
Jacelyn Lim (my wife), Me, and Wendy Soo (2nd Sister)
5 of us qualified for the trip, we do this as Family Business now
We decided to accumulates the “gold coin” in all of the BE Trip
This was the video I created after came back from Melbourne, of course, she was so touched ^^ so everything is worthy, this was in May 2019

So, back to January 2019, beside achieved 2 tickets to Melbourne, we also achieved another Rank, which is Emerald Council Ambassador, we named it ECA, a big jump from Sapphire Ambassador to ECA.

Then, we continued to fight by just follow the wind, in February 2019, we achieved another level which is Diamond Council Ambassador, we named it DCA, a high-level leader ranking, at the same time completed 1st month of our Car Fund bonus.

Diamond Ambassador

In BE International, in order for us to success is to help more people to success, this is part of our Ambassadors among 5 countries.

Every month we have cultivated new Ambassadors

February completed 2nd month Car Fund, March then completed 3rd month Car Fund and qualified for the Car Fund to get monthly Car Fund bonus for 4 years!! I couldn’t share with you how much in here, but you may WhatsApp to ask me then I will tell you. Car Fund is just 1 out of 11 benefits of BE International’s member.

Remember, on that time I did it, I was just part time only.

Let me list the summary about my journey in BE International here, then I will fill up the details when I free. Or you can ask me in WhatsApp also can.

June 2019, my network expanded from Malaysia, Singapore to Indonesia. In the same month, I resigned from my 8:30 am to 5:30 pm job.

July 2019, me and my wife qualified for 2 FREE tickets to DUBAI VVIP trip.

End of August 2019, I am officially Full Time in BE International business.

September 2019, a first-time oversea business trip to do fieldwork with downline in Indonesia together with my upline sisters.

In the same month, we have BE International Convention 2019, also attended BE Black Tie Dinner.

October 2019, then we went for a DUBAI trip for 6 days 4 nights FREE! A total of 1000 people are qualified for the trip again!!

November 2019, my International team members attended Leadership Meeting training in KL, they are from Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

And also got their awards on the stage in BE Star Award Night.

In December 2019, I went to Taiwan with an upline sister Ivy Soo to open the market with my Taiwan team member. Attended Public Speaking Training in KL.

January 2020, me and my wife qualified again 2 FREE tickets to Osaka VVIP trip. In the same time completed 1st month House Fund.

Feb 2020, completed 2nd month House Fund.

Mar 2020, completed 3rd month House fund, qualified monthly house fund bonus for 20 years. Done “Sapu/Swipe” all the bonuses that open for BE International member to qualify.

Updated at 5/5/2020

This is one of my sharing during Zoom Meeting in April 2020

After experienced from 2 MLM companies in the past, we ever told ourselves that is enough.
But why we still join the 3rd MLM company BE International? What are their differences?

Continue to update my post after 1 year++ 😆😆

We both are good, just took this photo at the morning of 25/11/2021 😊😊
Hope you guys doing well too

May 2020

Back to May 2020, what we are done…

I think most of you might be curious, How do we continue the BE International business during the pandemic? Because we are facing the challenges to meet people and we couldn’t organize events anymore..

Okay, here is the answer how we do and what we did.

Since March 2020 pandemic started, within a week, our BE International Founder IR Lee Suet Sen have a quick decision and moved everything from Offline Event to Online by using Zoom Meeting, so that everyone of us are follow.

So that less than 1 week, BE International organized the first Virtual Business Owner Seminar over the Internet by using Zoom Meeting, over 5000 pax joined for 3 languages, Mandarin, English and Malay. What an amazing, fast and successful moves. Thank you Founder IR Lee Suet Sen

Although BE International is just a 4 years old company, but our founders and the internal managements are mature enough to handle and facing the crisis attack, we are not slowing due to pandemic but instead we are growing even faster.

Guess what? We expanded another Sales Office landed at Hong Kong!!! OMG!!

BE International

Hong Kong

Sales Office Opening

Whatever Founder IR Lee Suet Sen tell us, we all just follow to do Product and Business sharing on Zoom. Thanks to Zoom Meeting, allowed us to meeting with our prospect, customer and business partner Internationally, by using Mobile Phone and Computer then we are all connected in no time.

Okay, just a little bit update about my team progression, we have new born Ambassadors in May 2020 woohoo!!

There are many more but some photos already missing haha, because it was 1 year ago already. As you can see on the above photos, they are from Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. What we need is only an Account will do, then we can start this Online business and expand our network to International.

Anybody also can do it, we will not filter anyone, regardless you are from 18-90 years old, regardless you are male or female, regardless you are educated or not, regardless your races, regardless you are rich or poor, regardless your occupation…, everybody are welcome to join us.

June 2020

What happen next in June 2020? We have new product Launched!! What? During Pandemic??

Yes it was! BE International launched the new Product Zencoso Ball by AR (Augmented Reality) in Facebook Live!!

Congratulations for 2 new born RCCA leaders in BE International!! RCCA Meaning Royal Crown Council Ambassador, which is the highest ranking in BE International. As of Oct 2021, by just 4 years time, BE International already born 48 RCCAs..

And then we continue to fighting! Online Merge Offline

As a result, this is our team progression in June 2020, Where time is spend, there is success.

Updated on 25/11/2021, to be continue…