Shiruto & Zencoso Colon Cancer 大腸癌

感谢伙伴分享。 Thanks for sharing. Mum went for #colon cancer operation over 6 months, on her 3rd follow up, blood test results was fantastic! Mum took lots of Shiruto & Zencoso enzymes, which helps to energize her and she can continue with her favorite daily activities 🙏🏻 经过了6个月大肠癌切除手术, 今天带妈妈去做第三次Review, 抽血样本出炉,非常美!妈妈超开❤的!CEA =0.8 ng/mlCA=4.77 U/ml(Cancer tumor marker) 自从妈妈开始大量吃 … Continue reading Shiruto & Zencoso Colon Cancer 大腸癌